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Welcome to the Media Café!  Here your will find book reviews of Paris Insights - An Anthology, testimonials from satisfied readers, press releases, and the author's bio. 

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Book Reviews

Paris Insights - An Anthology: Review by Shelley Bradford Bell

Paris Insights – An Anthology...Easy to read and very informative, I think that it is the perfect starting point for planning travel to Paris.

Testimonial by Elizabeth Berry

Tom is a long-time resident of Paris whose book, Paris Insights - An Anthology invites the reader to experience Paris in a profound and intimate way.

Testimonial by Roger Cruise

In his book Paris Insights - An Anthology, Tom has assembled many of his articles about Paris that he wrote in his monthly newsletter.

Testimonial by Gary Anderson

Paris Insights - An Anthology is a book which I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who is interested in Paris.

Testimonial by Kitty Werner

Paris Insights - An Anthology is a terrific read. In it, Tom Reeves introduces the reader (or traveler) to the hidden places in Paris, the places travelers dream about discovering and relating to their friends back home.

Testimonial by Richard Doust

Met Tom in Paris in 2008 and again this year. His book covers Paris in an interesting and compelling manner...

Author Bio

Tom Reeves has been a confirmed Francophile since he first took an unpaid sabbatical in 1975 to travel to France to learn the language, see the country, and pursue a diploma in French language, literature, and civilization.

Media Center

Interview questions for Tom Reeves

Tom is happy to answer your interview questions about his book Dining Out in Paris - What You Need to Know Before You Get to the City of Light.  Here are some sample questions to get you started!

  1. How did the idea of Dining Out in Paris come about?
  2. How did you choose the restaurants for the book?
  3. Can you give some tips on how to select a restaurant in Paris?
  4. How are French and American dining customs different?

Book cover: Dining Out in Paris - What You Need to Know before You Get to the City of Light

Color photograph of the author - low resolution

Color photograph of the author - high resolution

Meet the Author - Tom Reeves

Tom Reeves, author of Paris InsightsTom Reeves - author of Paris Insights - An Anthology and Dining Out in Paris - What You Need to Know before You Get to the City of Light


Our book: Dining Out in Paris—What You Need to Know before You Get to the City of Light