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Paris Insights - The Book

Called "a true insider's guide to one of my most favorite cities in the world" by one reviewer, Paris Insights - An Anthology is a beautiful volume, amply illustrated with stunning and inspiring photographs.  Readers will sense that they are getting to know Paris intimately, moving beyond its stereotypes and learning about lesser-known historical and cultural elements of the city.  We offer three editions:  Premium, Travelers', and Kindle.  Continue reading below to learn about the differences!


No other book presents the City of Light in such a lively, informative, and vividly illustrated fashion.  CBS travel editor Peter Greenberg states that it is “the antidote to typical tourism hyperbole.”  The photographs in the Premium edition are in color and the text is printed on gorgeous, sky-blue paper.


Paris Insights - An Anthology describes a Paris that the average tourist would not otherwise see or experience.  Witty and incisive, it is an informative compilation of sights, sounds and good advice about enjoying the City of Light from an insider’s perspective.  The Travelers’ edition contains black and white photographs, with text printed on white paper.


Paris Insights - An Anthology is the written culmination of one American’s passion for Paris.  Readers will delight in his remarkable accounts of the city!  This is an electronic edition that can be downloaded and read on any electronic device.

Meet the Author - Tom Reeves

Tom Reeves, author of Paris InsightsTom Reeves - author of Paris Insights - An Anthology and Dining Out in Paris - What You Need to Know before You Get to the City of Light


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