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Paris Insights - An Anthology: Review by Wandering Educators

Paris Insights – An Anthology is a wonderful, inspiring love letter to Paris. It's full of insightful essays about 5 different aspects of Paris: La Vie Parisienne, Americans in Paris, Churches and Cathedrals, Tasty Treats, and Paris, Past and Present.

Of course, when I first cracked the book, I first went to Tasty Treats. I am a foodie, after all. And these eight essays are to be cherished - and dreamt of. Urban bees? Teatime? Strawberries? The Macaron - they are all represented, and got me to thinking of planning our next trip to Paris, *just* to partake in these delights. Beautifully accompanied by black and white photos [Travelers' and Kindle editions], I got hungry reading (and of course, had to go make crepes and hot chocolate).

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Meet the Author - Tom Reeves

Tom Reeves, author of Paris InsightsTom Reeves - author of Paris Insights - An Anthology and Dining Out in Paris - What You Need to Know before You Get to the City of Light


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